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Campagnolo Collection

We are excited to announce the release of our latest book titled Campagnolo Collection. For this project, Andrea Bonfanti traveled to Tokyo, Japan, to collaborate with one of the most prominent Campagnolo collectors, Ichikawa Hiroshi (aka hi.campy). Together, they meticulously curated and photographed the rarest and most fascinating items in Hiroshi's collection.

From the earliest parallelogram derailleur Gran Sport to the complete groupset, including the first Nuovo Record, and various unique tools designed by Tullio Campagnolo, like the nutcracker, corkscrew, and an exceptionally rare tennis racket, they've covered it all.

Following their meeting, the authors dedicated months to crafting the content and structure of the book. The result is an impressive 208-page book featuring over 500 detailed photographs. To ensure accessibility for a global audience, the book is available in English, Italian, and Japanese, all within a single edition.

We believe this book to be the ultimate tribute to the Campagnolo legacy, showcasing the widespread fascination with this iconic name around the world.

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